Careers in user experience: opportunities and requirements

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User-experience designers are responsible for creating the feel of computer interfaces and to make the human-computer interaction smooth and hassle free. A smooth user experience is what makes websites successful and gadgets popular. People who work in user experience design make the behind the screen factors that ensure a smooth browsing pleasure for users.

UX careers

UX Design is a good career choice for anyone who has experience in development, visual designing, online marketing or even content management.  Hands on experience in creating a software will make it easy for moving across to careers in user experience that involves the testing of the code that you’ve written.

Careers in User Experience Design

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Even fresh graduates in User Interface Design, will help aspiring employees to develop solid visual design skills that will always set you apart from other UX Designers.


Bachelor’s degree in psychology, visual design, communications, computer science, or related fields is the basic requirement. This multifaceted stream of UX  has elements from various streams  and a  degree in these will ensure a steady career path.

Formal education may include University programs for Information Architecture or Usability , interaction design or visual design among others.  There are a lot of informal courses and self-guided education, such as the WaSP InterAct Curriculum and  the IAI Mentor Program and the IxDA Mentorship Program.  Candidates can also join UX book clubs that conduct regular meetings all around the world.

The primary skill requirement include expertise with systems and coding languages like Java, HTML, CSS, Perl and XML/XSL. Hands on experience in Design programs like Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver I important. Candidates who have a creative skill coupled with  problem-solving capabilities and an eye for details will find this profession truly interesting and rewarding.

Skill sets

Soft Skills

UX career experts vouch that the five indispensable skills for UX mastery include the soft skills of sketching, storytelling,critiquing, presenting and facilitating, which have to be mastered  on your own and fine tuned throughout the career span.

Environmental Experience

UX is a broad spectrum career field, so even if you may not have precious experience in UX, if you  have the workplace skills and environmental experience to develop business, you can still make a fulfilling career in this field.

Scope of work

User-experience jobs converts the optimal functionality of  a product  into interactive solutions by incorporating various elements like market research and psychology, graphic design , content management and the design of the human-computer interface for best results.

Job Description

UX designers are responsible to create the right feel of a specific computer interface. UX designers typically work in teams in developing a software or a website


UX Design careers was the top in the list of 7 in-demand careers for design and planning, according to an article from Brazen Life. With an expected  job growth up to 30%, UX have become a popular career choice today. Design and planning are the cornerstones of any online business and employers are eager to hire experts for this segment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities in the web development field will  grow by 13% through 2020.


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