Careers in user experience: opportunities and requirements

User-experience designers are responsible for creating the feel of computer interfaces and to make the human-computer interaction smooth and hassle free. A smooth user experience is what makes websites successful and gadgets popular. People who work in user experience design make the behind the screen factors that ensure a smooth browsing pleasure for users.

Career Opportunities for Data Analysts

With more companies using big data, there has been a surge in the demand for data analysts who have the expertise to organize tons of information and draw insights. A study by QuinStreet Inc. shows that the trend of implementing Big Data Analytics has become a top priority among U.S. businesses. Most of the organizations [...]

Trends and Career Opportunities in Cosmetology

Beauty industry is on an upswing despite the bad economic situation. This is because all of us want to look good. Whether you are a professional, a student or a stay at home mom, beauty is one thing that interests us all. This has made many fields related to appearance and aesthetics come into highlight. [...]

Essential skills for a career as a PPC specialist

As online marketing continues to gain its share of companies’ overall marketing budgets, so does the need for qualified and experienced digital marketers surge. Career opportunities abound for paid search engine marketing (SEM) professionals, both at digital agencies as well as within companies that have in-house SEM teams. Success as a SEM professional requires one [...]

Video Resume- Have you heard about it?

Every person has a desire to get a top position job in a multinational company. While some are lucky to fulfill their desire, not all people are successful in getting their dream job. You may have the requisite skills to grab a managerial job in a reputed firm but may lack the proficiency to sell [...]

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