Top soft skills of an IT pro

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If you could assess the top ranking IT professionals in your company, you would notice they all have one thing in common: extremely good soft skills. While becoming an IT pro, expert technical skills are mandatory, but also having good soft skills can boost your career graph to no end. In fact, it is a fact that almost 50% of top ranking CIOs have some background in liberal arts.

Six key soft skills of an IT pro:

1. Good people skills: IT is a mix of technology and people. Professionals work on technology to come up with innovative products that has the potential to boost a company’s business. When you are dealing with people, disagreements are common. A good IT pro is the one who can bring a diverse group to a consensus. A person with good people skills can manage a group well and bring them on the same page so that shared goal can be accomplished.

2. Good communication skills: How well you are able to put forth a great idea such that it is appreciated and implemented. Your ability to read, write, and speak play a great role in this. There are immense examples where a project went to dump as the ideas was not properly communicated.

3. Ergonomic sense: Most IT pros find it difficult to look at their invention from a nontechnical aspect or users’ end. A good IT professional is the one who can evaluate their work and design user interfaces that are simple and easy for the users.

4. Sixth sense: Can you gauge the worth of your project by the way people are working and the speed at which tasks are taking place? Most IT pros develop a sixth sense after years of experience and can foresee where the project is going. This is one talent, which is very difficult to be taught, but can be developed by an IT pro over the years. If you can sharpen your sixth sense pertaining to your projects, your worth is equivalent to gold in the IT industry.

5. Political smartness: IT companies always are on a lookout for individuals who can establish strong bonding with different divisions within a company. Such a strong interlinking helps smooth project cooperation and success.

6. Good pedagogue:
Do you possess the skills of a good teacher. In this industry, an individual who can teach new applications to users are valued a lot. People who can mentor, and share knowledge, are an asset for the company.

Excerpt of an article published in TechRepublic.


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