Upgrade your soft skills to expand you career horizon

Dissimilar to hard skills, which focus on an individual’s skill set and ability to perform technical tasks rather than interpersonal ones, soft skills refer to the personal traits of an individual. It is a cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication skills, personal habits, and many more. Even though soft skills and hard skills complement [...]

Sabira Merchant to conduct a Corporate Grooming workshop in Mumbai on 15th of July 2013

Venus Academy, a corporate training solutions company, has initiated a new workshop. It is a one day workshop that intends at personal/ corporate refinement which helps achieve professional excellence.

Learn English on telephone- A unique English learning programme, ‘Bol India English Bol, launched

eAgeTutor, an online spoken English program provider, launched a telephonic English learning programme, ‘Bol India English Bol’.  With this unique telephonic tutoring option, eAge aims to reach out to the masses who do not have access to the internet. eAge aims to make learning English, easy and affordable.

LTA School of beauty organizes free beauty career seminar on the world’s most prestigious international certificates

Beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with an ironic growth rate, almost overwhelming the GDP growth in any given country. It is a recession-proof industry, and hence, a profitable space to be in. For beauty professionals or novice who wants to be part of this fast-evolving industry, here is a great opportunity.