5 Tips for New Managers

I had an interesting conversation recently with a business leader about employees taking up people management roles for the first time. Individual contributors who do well in their roles, get promoted to people managers as a natural career progression in most companies. His concern was well founded – how do we promote people without measuring [...]

Deepa Malik: Leadership Lessons from the Paralympian

With a spinal tumor 17 years ago that paralyzed her from the waist down, Deepa Malik’s passion kept her spirits high. Three surgeries on her back could not dampen her energy. Today she is a proud silver medalist, creating history to become the first Indian woman to bag a medal at the Paralympics. The media [...]

Leadership Lessons from Kung Fu Panda 3

Some movies you like to watch, while some movies you like to experience. Kung Fu Panda 3 was an experience for me. I connected instantly with the characters in the movie and received a few life lessons too. A blend of animated characters and a meaningful story made the movie phenomenal, but it was all [...]

4 Secrets To Become A Sales Sensation

I never knew my visit to the beautiful Dal Lake could teach me powerful lessons in selling. When I received an opportunity to conduct a workshop for one of the world’s leading chemical companies I was thrilled because it was also my first time visiting Kashmir. Before I could plan for the program, I planned [...]

How to deliver impressive business presentations?

Delivering an effective and impressive business presentation requires precise planning and preparation. While addressing the audience, you will be scrutinized for every word you say. Your appearance, tone, body language and the content of presentation will all have a major impact on the quality and reception of your presentation. Business presentations are of various types [...]

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