Six lessons in ‘managing up’ for career progression

Managing bosses i.e. ‘managing up’ is a critical skill in career progression that often doesn’t get as much attention as managing down (managing subordinates). Here, I share some simple and important lessons I have observed and absorbed over my 20 years of work experience in different types of organisations with diverse cultures, including running my [...]

How to improve productivity and effectiveness at work

Productivity and effectiveness are among the most desirable characteristics that managers look for in their team. High productivity and effectiveness indicate a high degree of output of the right kind. The former is closely tied to time management and how well one manages the most precious resource at a person’s disposal, while effectiveness is more [...]

9 early-career interviewing tips

In the last several years of running a digital media and marketing company, I have had the wonderful opportunity to interview several youngsters. Many of them were either fresh out of college or had up to a couple of years’ work experience. Very often, I was underwhelmed by the level of preparation and the attitude [...]

How to improve oral communication skills for career growth

It is a proven fact that great communication skills are one of the most cherished attributes at the workplace. While technical proficiency in a chosen field is important and valuable, being able to translate that knowledge into action often requires the involvement of many more people, which is where the ability to communicate effectively is [...]

Why being healthy makes great career sense

In the cut-throat race to move up the career ladder, a critical aspect that can determine how high one can eventually move up is ignored, and that is the physical and mental health of the individual. Health has a much greater role to play in career success than one gives it credit for; but if [...]

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