Distance learning MBA in India: Who should enroll?

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Distance learning MBA has become a norm among people who want to reach a managerial position fast in their career. This is a management course that imparts students with the essential knowledge traversing the constraints of time or physical boundaries. A student can learn management lessons at a feasible time suiting his/her schedule. Convenience to study while continuing to work is the basic concept behind the emergence of distance learning MBA in India. These programs make use of multimedia study material inclusive of e-lectures, online chats, virtual classes etc.

Who should go for Distance MBA Courses?

Distance MBA courses are for all those people who cannot sacrifice their job life to dedicated classroom studying. Today, when people are in a rush to start their career as soon as they graduate, the competition in the job market has risen. In fact, students are taking up internship jobs while completing their graduation. In this cut-throat competitive times, dedicating two years of one’s life to undertaking MBA programs has literally become impossible. But lack of knowledge holds career growth. This is the reason why people should go for distance learning courses. Without a grip on the basic concepts of management, it is difficult to master the skills of financial analysis, decision making etc. Besides, the career growth is also slow if you do not have a supporting degree.

Distance MBA program nurtures the essential management skills in students who look forward to manage both work and studies. It opens up a new horizon for your career to expand. The main advantage of a distance learning program such as Distance MBA finance is that it renders you job-oriented knowledge which can be practiced as you work alongside. The second biggest advantage is ‘study from anywhere’. You do not have to travel to some college or institute, nor do you have to attend lectures at destined time. You can attend e-lectures online anytime, anywhere and appear from exams from your home as well.

Top institutes offering distance MBA in India

Some prestigious colleges or universities offering Distance learning programs including MBA in India are:

• Sikkim Manipal University
• Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
• Pondicherry University

Each of these colleges/universities offers unique Distance Learning programs. Most institutes in India offers Distance learning MBA to students who hold a graduate degree from an authorized University. For some colleges, you may even have to pass their separate entrance test to get qualified for admission.


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