How successful people spend their first hour of the day?

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How you spend the first hour of the day matters a lot. Successful people including Craig Newmark of Craigslist, motivational speaker Tony Robbins, and career writer Brian Tracy believe that it does make a big difference in your life on how you spend the morning time before your breakfast. It is the time of the day when you can see everything clearly, focus on getting at least one real thing done and look at the human side of work instead of your task list.

Most of us are so busy to get out of the house and reach our workplace that we lose a track on how the time is passing. However, successful people know that the first hour of the day is very important and hence, they go about it with a to-do list in their hand. Here is a heads up on the first items of successful people’s to-do list.

Stop from checking your emails rather play, read, or talk with your kids

A tip from Tumblr founder David Karp is to stop checking your email first thing in the day. He thinks that checking emails at home will not make you feel good or productive. Instead, try to spend quality time with your little kids. Put away your iPhone and laptop and spend a relaxed time with your family, have a leisure breakfast or read a book for your kids.

Be grateful of what you have

According to Tony Robbins, the self help guru who advocates mindful first-hour rituals, you should set aside an “Hour of Power,” “Fifteen Minutes to Fulfillment,” or “30 Minutes to Thrive.” In short, practice light exercise, motivational incantations, and a few minutes of thinking focused on things, you are grateful for – your family, job, or anything. Go out for a jog on some days, or just walk your treadmill for a few minutes.
Try to visualize what you want in life as if you have it with you.

Get one big thing done before surrendering to emails and meetings

Brian Tracy advocates doing one big task first hour in the morning, i.e. get rid of the shoulder-sagging stuff first. A good tip to stick to this success mantra is to choose your weighty thing a day prior and see it the first thing in the morning when you reach your workplace. Morning is the most productive time of the day and dealing with the most important task would be the best way to spend your time.

Think and ask yourself is this what you want

Successful people set aside some time to think how their life is moving. This is the best way to take control of our lives. Therefore, spend at least 10 minutes in the morning and think what you want to do. Ask yourself, whether you are satisfied with your life and work. If you are feeling unfulfilled, it is time to change.

Many successful people suggest taking up a creative hobby like photography, painting, or practicing an instrument that you love. Meditate, pray or read a religious text. This all will help you start your day in a much better manner than running haphazardly here and there.

Following this schedule will help you get a focused mind that would stay much more productive from the start until the end of the day.

Adapted from an article, What Successful People Do with the First Hour of Their Work Day and What The Most Successful People Do before Breakfast, published on Digital

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