Practical tips for a productive “work from home” career

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work from homeWith the advent of technology and connectivity, more people are working from remote locations and working from home has become a lucrative career option. Most companies offer this facility for new mothers or people living in faraway places to help them juggle home and career easily.

Working from home can be made interesting and productive with these practical tips. These smart tips will help you resist the temptation to slip into a laid back mode and laze-out.

1. Your work Environment
First things first. You need a proper home office where you can work without any distractions from the other members of your family. No matter whether you prefer a separate office room, a spare bedroom or that quiet corner of the basement, setting up of a work environment is essential to ensure optimum productivity. It also makes it easier for your family members or friends not to intrude during your working hours.
Once you have set up the work space, the next top priority will be the work chair and the technology that you may need to ensure an uninterrupted work.

2. Tools and furniture
Chair: A comfortable and ergonomic chair can play an important role in your work environment. It is recommended to have a comfortable chair with arms rests and sufficient upper and lower back support.

Headset: Pick up a comfortable headset as it is something you will be using a lot. The USB powered models will relieve you of the tension of keeping them fully charged.

Stable Internet connection and power back up: As you are working remote, it is important to keep yourselves always visible. Skype issues or dropping calls can all be non starters for people working from home as it may project a less professional image in the eyes of your superiors who might be trying to manage several remote employees.

3. Organization
A clean and well organized workspace will motivate you to start your work early. Keep the work desk clutter free and well organized with all essential office supplies like pens and calculators in place. You should have a daily time table that specifies the starting time, scheduled breaks and end time. Plan your day the way it suits you the most without compromising on the productivity

4. Focus
Flexibility and freedom are the two big advantages of working from home. But these could affect the quality of work for some people as they fail to remain focused on work fully. So, make sure to stay fully focused by proper planning the time intervals for refreshments, movement and work, which will make your job interesting.

Minimizing distractions and maintaining self-discipline are the basic attributes for anyone working from home. Make sure to switch off distractions like TV and social media alerts as many of us lose our focus on work and will be tempted to check the messages every time we get the alert. Try listening to some soft instrumental music to keep your mind calm.

5. Adaptability
Working from home requires adaptability and getting used to the work pattern. See what works for you the best and employ that work patterns as there are no hard and fast rules to be followed. So be patient with yourself and success will be all yours.

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