Why is CIDESCO Qualification so special !!

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There are many reasons why almost every beauty therapist worldwide aspires to be CIDESCO qualified. Below are some of the top reasons. i) It is one of the most comprehensive Beauty Therapy program with due weight age given to theory and practical.

ii) Complete syllabus takes minimum 1200 hrs which includes Anatomy-Physiology, basic beauty service advance facial and body treatment along with make-up training.

iii) Perhaps only program to have special projects designed to encourage students to seek knowledge beyond their syllabus and improve their documentation and research skills.

iv) Great emphasis on client safety and hygiene practice.

v) Completely unbiased student assessment by neutral examiner from overseas destination.

vi) You can obtain CIDESCO diploma only when you complete minimum 600 hrs of actual salon experience after your final assessment. An excellent CIDESCO practice which would ensure students are not only qualified through controlled learning environment but also have real life practice in real environment before they are certified.

vii) Eminent personalities on board for over 60 years and presence in 33 countries has lend tremendous credibility to CIDESCO qualification and is easily the most preferred qualification among employers world wide.

viii) CIDESCO qualification is considered as your passport to international beauty career.

ix) CIDESCO annual conference provides excellent opportunities for CIDESCO graduates to upgrade their knowledge.

x) Post Graduate Diploma (PG Diploma) in CIDESCO allows every beauty therapist having over 3 years of working experience to get this certification in shorter duration.

Contributed by Biju Nair. About the writer: Biju Nair is the Director of Lotus Training Academy (LTA). LTA School of Beauty, is India’s most prestigious beauty care training institution. The school offers various internationally certificated courses in cosmetology to help students kick start their careers in beauty, hair and make up. LTA has set up an impressive training facility at Andheri, Mumbai, complete with modern equipments, and qualified training team which comprises of highly qualified trainers and consultants. It is also one of the few schools in India that prepares students for the CIDESCO (Switzerland) and CIBTAC (UK) diplomas from Europe. For more information, visit


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