Tips to run Efficient, Effective Professional Meetings

Tips to run efficient, effective professional meetings

As one goes higher up in the hierarchy in an organisation, one of the essential management skills is the ability to organise and conduct productive and results-oriented meetings. In my professional career spanning almost two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of lots of really effective meetings and some not-so-good ones. My definition of a “successful meeting” is one in which all attendees can leave with the feeling of having accomplished the stated objectives of the meeting with clear action points on the way forward. Based on my experiences, I’ve listed some tips to ensure that you can conduct effective and efficient business meetings. Read more

Five Killer Strategies To Develop A Personal Brand

What’s the one thing that comes to your mind thinking about KFC? The Chicken Recipe. What’s the one thing you recall when thinking about Starbucks? I don’t need to answer that. What’s the one thing that strikes your mind when you think of Toyota? It’s Quality. What’s the one thing that hits the cord when you think of Martin Luther King Jr.? “I have a dream.” What about when you think of Shahrukh Khan? It’s entertainment. Top companies and people know how to brand themselves because they know the secret to personal branding. Read more

Upgrade your soft skills to expand you career horizon

Dissimilar to hard skills, which focus on an individual’s skill set and ability to perform technical tasks rather than interpersonal ones, soft skills refer to the personal traits of an individual. It is a cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication skills, personal habits, and many more. Even though soft skills and hard skills complement each other, they stand poles apart. Read more