How to deliver impressive business presentations?


Delivering an effective and impressive business presentation requires precise planning and preparation. While addressing the audience, you will be scrutinized for every word you say. Your appearance, tone, body language and the content of presentation will all have a major impact on the quality and reception of your presentation. Business presentations are of various types including formal and comprehensive to casual and interactive and anything that falls in between. Read more

Practical tips for a productive “work from home” career

work from homeWith the advent of technology and connectivity, more people are working from remote locations and working from home has become a lucrative career option. Most companies offer this facility for new mothers or people living in faraway places to help them juggle home and career easily.

Working from home can be made interesting and productive with these practical tips. These smart tips will help you resist the temptation to slip into a laid back mode and laze-out. Read more

Upgrade your soft skills to expand you career horizon

Dissimilar to hard skills, which focus on an individual’s skill set and ability to perform technical tasks rather than interpersonal ones, soft skills refer to the personal traits of an individual. It is a cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication skills, personal habits, and many more. Even though soft skills and hard skills complement each other, they stand poles apart. Read more