Before your company stops loving YOU

This is going to be a tough conversation. Provocative, disturbing, but necessary.

Imagine yourself going to work tomorrow. You are walking into your office building with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. You are making plans in your mind about the meetings you need to attend, the calls you need to make and the reports you need to present. You get past the revolving door, the turnstile, the lift lobby. You take the lift to your floor and you enter your office premises.

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Top tips to succeed in a sales and business development career

Sales & business development are the engines of growth of any organisation. Which is why, sales professionals are often given the pride of place in most companies- after all, they bring in the ‘moolah’. However, a career in sales is not for the faint-hearted. Even the best sales person hears a lot more ‘No’ than ‘Yes’. Besides excellent knowledge of the product or service being sold, it takes a certain mindset and various soft skills to succeed at sales. Read more

Upgrade your soft skills to expand you career horizon

Dissimilar to hard skills, which focus on an individual’s skill set and ability to perform technical tasks rather than interpersonal ones, soft skills refer to the personal traits of an individual. It is a cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication skills, personal habits, and many more. Even though soft skills and hard skills complement each other, they stand poles apart. Read more