Top soft skills of an IT pro

If you could assess the top ranking IT professionals in your company, you would notice they all have one thing in common: extremely good soft skills. While becoming an IT pro, expert technical skills are mandatory, but also having good soft skills can boost your career graph to no end. In fact, it is a [...]

Common Job Application Errors One Should Avoid

Are you seeking a job? Are you confused about how to prepare a cover letter? Dave Johnson, a former Microsoft employer and writer of over three dozen books, recently shared with CBS news a few cover-letter related errors that are commonly noticed nowadays.

Earn while you learn: A growing trend

Every student dreams to pursue future education, an MBA, or a PG certificate, from a reputed institute. However, unfortunately for many this just stays as a dream. Several people have to quit study after graduation due to reasons like family pressure, poor financial condition etc. Some start earning even after school to shoulder the responsibilities [...]

How to deal with your first job interview stress?

A job interview is never simple. No matter how many interviews you have given so far. This is a situation where each individual feels anxious. Selling anything is hard, be it a product or your skills. To make this process easy and get it right in the first attempt, here are the job interview tips [...]