Is there something called a dream job?

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Most of us are familiar with this quote but has anyone of us successfully found a job that we love to do and can do forever. Ideally, can we say there is a job that you and I [...]

How successful people spend their first hour of the day?

How you spend the first hour of the day matters a lot. Successful people including Craig Newmark of Craigslist, motivational speaker Tony Robbins, and career writer Brian Tracy believe that it does make a big difference in your life on how you spend the morning time before your breakfast.

Top soft skills of an IT pro

If you could assess the top ranking IT professionals in your company, you would notice they all have one thing in common: extremely good soft skills. While becoming an IT pro, expert technical skills are mandatory, but also having good soft skills can boost your career graph to no end. In fact, it is a [...]

Earn while you learn: A growing trend

Every student dreams to pursue future education, an MBA, or a PG certificate, from a reputed institute. However, unfortunately for many this just stays as a dream. Several people have to quit study after graduation due to reasons like family pressure, poor financial condition etc. Some start earning even after school to shoulder the responsibilities [...]

Job hunting tips to get your dream job

It is true that seeking employment is a tedious procedure that consumes a lot of energy, time and resources. Over and above, it becomes an exhausting procedure emotionally, physically as well as psychologically. Hence individuals looking out for jobs must consider job hunting tips. Here are some top tips that employment seekers must try.

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